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Bo Balloony and his mission: Dr. Blimp, captured Bo´s girlfriend during a diabolic and mean attack. Bo wants to get her back… Do you have the courage to do it?No matter what you do - Don't POP!!!
You are the one who will restore peace to the Balloony world- Go for it!It´s no easy journey, though. You have to jump, roll and puzzle your way through 4 awesome worlds, beat a megalomaniac foe and make the impossible possible!
Becoming the Balloony-Master is an easy task! Simply use the game´s intuitive controls: you can roll, jump and hover by using your thumbs. Turns out… that´s quite a convenient way to travel through stages and get to your Star-Rocket at the end of each level.
Of course, since Dr. Blimp is mean, very mean, there will be some humps on your way. He’s equipped his army with spikes, mean spikes… We like Pop-Music, but in this game the sound of a popping Bo Balloony is what you want to avoid…
So yeah, there will be many different enemies and of course you will hit some snags, but there´ll also be many handy items that will help your case. So don´t be shy and try items like trampolines, wind-streams, magnetic walls, switches and and and... Of course there is a way to fry some of these mean, spiky creatures as well... ;)
Like Bo, we´re on a huge journey developing this game. For us it´s very important to deliver a unique experience for absolutely everyone.
So please keep us rolling and support us with a 5-Star rating.
Suggestions, questions, Bug-report? We would welcome any feedback with open arms!
So! What are you waiting for?
A new Jump and Run Hero!The most addicitve Jump and Run available! Jump, roll, fly and electrify your way through danger in this Adventure!